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The benefits of using lime plasters and paints

Our clients often ask why we are so passionate about recommending and specifying our range of lime-based plasters and paints, the answer is so simple it’s difficult.

The qualities of lime are so far-reaching that pinpointing just one to talk about can often be a challenge.

In the second instalment of our three-part blog exploring our admiration for lime, we round up our top six reasons why lime-based products offer so many benefits to the end user:


Lime is vapour permeable, which means it reduces the risk of trapped moisture and therefore makes the chances of damage far less. This limits the requirement for future maintenance work.


Its ability to absorb and release moisture in a cyclical fashion helps to boost a room’s comfort as it will not encourage humid conditions.


Provides soft textures with graceful and organic movements which results in a beautiful finish. It’s contemporary feel is worthy of any interior or exterior surface.


Lime will outlive us all as it has an indefinite lifecycle. Not only does lime survive, in fact, it gets better over time


Acting as an anti-bacterial surface, lime is able to neutralise the development of substances such as mould and fungus. Lime hardly seizes to amaze us with its unrivalled qualities.

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