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The Coal Shed, London

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Taking the jump to London

Following in the footsteps of the established Coal Shed steak restaurant in Brighton, we played a key part in the design of the recently opened sister restaurant near London's Tower Bridge.

In collaboration with Design LSM, our team of creatives loved the opportunity to challenge the status quo of conventional and create something which stood out from the crowd.

This project was one of our business' stand-out pieces of work of 2017.

Enhancing the dining experience

Enhancing the dining experience

People expect much more from a night out for dinner these days. They are looking for an experience which engages all of their senses.

This has evolved rapidly over the last few years and has seen the interior design and overall ambience of restaurants become much more important - as important as the food at times.

This gives a greater opportunity to explore and create something new in restaurant design.

“We are delighted with the design results, which perfectly capture the ambience and tone of the restaurant offering. The colour and finish offers a refined and luxurious feel that is well suited to repurposed schemes.”