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Lime Plaster Marmorin Hydro Review

Marmorin Hydro: Lime based wall coating Water repellent, acryl-siloxane matt glaze.

Viero's 'MARMORIN' is a coloured plaster based on lime putty suitable for internal and external finishes of new and old architectural buildings with art and historical importance. The product presents excellent characteristics of colour stability high water vapour permeability, easy application, excellent fire resistance and a natural appearance, typical of old lime based plasters and coloured pigments.

Since the launch of this product we've had some fantastic feedback so we thought we'd share some of those reviews.


Faux Creation Ltd. is a full service specialist decoration company serving the luxury residential and commercial sectors and heres what they had to say:

Faux Creation’s team are expert in their use of plasters to create beautiful textured or polished finishes for contemporary homes and commercial buildings, but we’ve been hearing a lot of excitement from the studio about a new product from Italian manufacturers Viero for bathrooms so we popped down the spiral staircase to find out more from our principal specialist decorator, Jason Ebers.

So what is this new product?

MARMORIN HYDRO is exciting because it has been created expressly for bathrooms, or any room where water flows. It has the same visual impact of other plasters but has a hydrophobic (water repellent) and washable texture that makes it perfect for contemporary wet-rooms.

So, we can say goodbye to waterlogged damaged surfaces and moldy corners?

Exactly! This plaster has water repellent properties and a sealer that is integral to the finish. It’s not topical and sitting on the surface. It’s an exciting innovation from Viero’s laboratories.

Why is it better than other products on the market?

Because it’s lime based and hydrophobic, its look and durability are distinct from other specialist products on the market. Hydro is a slaked lime-based Marmorino plaster containing oxide powder pigments, fine grained marble powders, hydrophobic additives and adhesion promoters. The surfaces can be compacted and polished with a stainless steel trowel to create smooth organic movement or a more open pitted effect depending on design requirements.

It’s a product designed for bathrooms but have you used it elsewhere?

Yes, we’re using it in all areas of high-end luxury developments from public spaces to exteriors, because of its durability and exterior capabilities there are no areas that we wouldn't consider using this plaster.

What is the lifetime of this product?

Being lime based, technically it is timeless although additional sealer coats are recommended every 3 to 5 years in wet room areas. We always recommend our Clients book us for maintenance work as we can then ensure that the finish stays looking as good for years to come, and we can control the outcome.

You really put products through their paces in the studio here at Faux Creation, constantly testing and pushing the products to see what can be achieved. Why do you like working with Viero products so much?

Viero has a very high quality product range that offers controlled and consistent outcomes and versatility when creating more bespoke artisanal finishes. That’s absolutely critical to Faux Creation.



From Viero UK we'd like to thank Faux Creation for taking the time to write this review.