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Latest Venetian Plaster Products

Here at Viero UK, we strive to keep bringing new ideas to the market.

Our latest new product - Rusten - is arriving in our studios in 2017 direct from our laboratory in Italy and certainly compliments our broad range of textured wall finishes.

Renowned as a decorative rusted iron finish, it has the ability to give you the bespoke design you’re searching for.

Inspired by the natural oxidation processes of iron, Rusten comes in a wide range of colour combinations, from the classic tones of rust red to greens, blues and browns or various greys – all with enamel as a finishing coat.

This product is perfect for large walls or small-scale finishing touches and produces grainy surfaces capable of creating a modern environment with its warm personality and hearty paint effect.

Against the appropriate lighting, this Italian wall finish gives off striking glints of lights to really make your project stand out from the crowd.

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