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Edinburgh Mansion Bathroom Makeover

A private residential mansion on the outskirts of Edinburgh has been given a contemporary makeover with the help of two Viero UK plaster finishes.

The popular Marmorin Hydro product has been combined with Krakkle to create something totally unique.

Our approved applicator Scott Irving, who completed the project, said: “Before I came to take a look, the customers were looking at tile designs but the Viero brochures really convinced them to take a different approach.”

The five-day project in Bonnyrigg is now complete and takes pride of place as part of a property-wide luxury interior project.

“The client was delighted with the look,” said Scott. “It was my suggestion to mix the Krakkle finish with Hydro because it was such a large room and required something to break it up.

“Krakkle cracks very naturally and looks fantastic in grey. It was something the client had never seen before and it gave them a unique design.”

Scott’s volume of work has really increased since he attended the Viero UK training school, giving him the ability to offer his clients a wider range of effects – and the Venetian surface design trend is really taking off in Edinburgh.

“We’re really starting to see it (decorative plasters) become popular and it’s giving me a fantastic opportunity to get out there and show what can be done,” explained Scott.