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Creating a smooth and textured wall finish

The residents of this stunning five-bedroom mansion in North London are in for a grand entrance with Viero UK’s Lithos Matt decorative plaster finish applied across the ground floor.

Using a bespoke shade of grey, the surface design stretches across the hallways, staircase and into the kitchen, dining room and lounge.

“This is a luxury new build property in a very green conservation area and we wanted to use contemporary products to match the beauty of the area,” said the interior designer Lia Israel.

“We wanted the walls to remain a backdrop but still to offer an interesting design and this was just perfect. The lime plaster gives us something which is both smooth to touch and has texture to look at."

With grey the colour of choice it gave the designers an opportunity to use bold colours with furniture to give the living areas a bit of punch meaning the wall surfaces can remain a constant while the interior of the property can continue to reinvent itself over time.

“Viero UK provided lots of samples and options and seemed to understand what we were trying to achieve,” added Lia.

“They gave us lots of variations on our selection of grey and different levels of texture and smoothness to select from.

“As well as looking great we know that the materials are very durable and easy to clean – we think we found the right product to work with.”

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