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Colour Trends 2018

After two days exploring Maison et Objet’s hundreds of exhibitors, it’s clear to see that the interior design industry has spoken when it comes to colour trends for 2018.

Dusty pink is at the forefront of people’s minds along with a bluey-green pasteline shade.

The dusty pink we are seeing has hints of grey and nowhere near the sickly sweet pinks to which we are accustomed. If they were related, they would be distant cousins avoiding each other at grannies 90th birthday.

The green is like a bluey-green with some of its electricity knocked out of it. Confidently green, with a flat chalky base – but with a striking room presence. It reminds us of the sort of green you’d have as coat lining; those catching a glimpse would be suitably impressed. It gives a feel of velvet.

Together, these trendy colours may seem an odd couple. They shouldn’t work, but they do. They are united through both being pasteline, otherwise quite the juxtaposition.

There’s something of the 70s bathroom showroom about both colours and as ever, this is proof that trends get reinvented. Often this combination is seen comfortably hosting some brass tableware, or even chunky ceramics.

Below are some images of these colour trends on show at Maison et Objet: