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Brother 2 Brother, Reading

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The concrete effect

The concrete look has been one of the real trends in the surface design industry since the turn of 2017.

This effect was at the heart of our work at Brother 2 Brother menswear store in the city centre of Reading. 

We used our decorative paint Ghibli bring the store to life and meet the customer's vision across the shop walls and in a store centrepiece.

The retail challenge

The retail challenge

The challenge of working within retail spaces has always been the same; tight deadlines and fitting in with a wide range of other contractors on site.

With this in mind, our range of decorative paints are very effective for these spaces. They take less time to dry than our plasters, but still give you lots of texture and movement. 

With shorter installation times, we can always stay on track with timings and give the customer the same look for less. The paints dry quickly and help us to cover large surface areas efficiently.

"I think it looks great. Grey is a good colour for the interiors, but the textured effect created gives it a nice edge.”