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Lithos Matt


Finishing plaster with a satin marble effect.

LITHOS MATT is a decorative polished plaster coating with an extremely smooth marble and satin effect. It is a beautiful and highly refined decorative finish for hotels, offices, shops, exhibition halls, living rooms, etc. Ideal for all types of interior surfaces such as cement renders, Gypsum plasters, prefabricated panels, wood and its by-products, as long as sufficiently smooth. With the range of colours and the applicator’s capacity and inspiration, it is possible to attain a variety of designs and chromatic effects.

All of our samples are handmade and can be requested through our contact us page.

Consumption Rate

0.8 - 1.0 kg/m² (for a recommended dry film thickness of 1,0 mm)

Interiors / Exteriors


Lithos Matt
Lithos Matt