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Marmorin Hydro


Marmorin Hydro is a slaked, translucent lime-based Marmorino plaster formulated with special additives that make the surface highly water-repellent. Unlike other polished plasters, this product has a matt finish and is suitable for both internal and external surfaces. Marmorin Hydro is also suitable for use in wet areas such as swimming pools and bathrooms.

Hydro Protection

The product is particularly suited for use in damp and humid areas. It effectively protects lime-based surfaces and finishes from damage caused by humidity and splashes of water. The special formula allows excellent penetration of the product on the surfaces to be treated with no impact to their breathability, colour or appearance.

- It provides excellent water/oil repellency and has a pearl effect
- Excellent stain resistant properties
- High resistance to UV rays and weathering
- Treated surfaces are easily cleaned
- Does not change the natural appearance of the treated surface
- Does not yellow over time

All of our samples are handmade and can be requested through our contact us page.

Consumption Rate

Visolcalce Marmorin Hydro - 3,0 - 3,5 kg/m2 | Hydro Protection - 12,20 m2/l

Interiors / Exteriors

Interiors and Exteriors

Marmorin Hydro
Marmorin Hydro