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Totteridge, North London

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Contributing to contemporary design

This glorious five-bedroom London property boasts a fine array of different luxury interiors including Viero UK's decorative polished plasters in the hallway, kitchen, dining room, living room and up the grand stairway.

We used our Lithos finish in a matt effect to create a contemporary look befitting its place in a new-build property.

The objective was to give the surfaces subtle movements and not vye for attention against the stunning furniture around the building. With its neutrality and soft colour in mind, this is a durable design which will never lose its appeal. 

Bespoke colour

Bespoke colour

It is not only plasters that we can tailor to give you a bespoke look with your interiors.

On this project, we gave the client a choice of exclusive shades of grey to choose from having taken inspiration from other furnishings across the house. 

"We wanted the walls to remain a backdrop but still to offer an interesting design and this was just perfect. The lime plaster gives us something which is both smooth to touch and has texture to look at."