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Magasin Du Nord, Copenhagen

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Danish design

Taking our polished plasters to Scandanavia, we were invited to be part of the design project for an urban active playground for Danish department store Magasin du Nord.

Opened in October 2018, the store houses urban streetwear and activewear brands within Magasin stores across Denmark.

It is designed to emulate the influential skate scene and brutalist architecture with a the choice of mixed materials - including our own - within the space to reflect the urban and street environment.

Furnishing finishes

Furnishing finishes

This retail opportunity came to us from an existing relationship we have with an interior design practice delivering work across Europe.

We were asked to use our experience in creating textured concrete effects to apply the look to a wide range of furniture pieces which showcased our ability to work beyond just the walls in interior spaces.

"There was a focus on connecting with youth urban culture, having a conceptual and experiential approach to associate with the demanding audience and the brands housed in the space."