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Goods, Norwich

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Exploring our creative edge

This project gave us the opportunity to create another bespoke plaster from our growing concrete collection of decorative effects.

Having been specified at this recently renovated menswear fashion store, we set about our strict task of achieving a contemporary look on the walls and shelves with the help of distressed grey.

Norwich is a coolly designed small city with lots of little quirks which gave us a perfect platform to get creative and deliver a project with a little bit of grit and style for the residents and tourists to enjoy.

Urban design

Urban design

The client wanted a loose style with the plaster to reflect the urban feel of the clothing brand, and to achieve an edge which would appeal to its young male customer base.

By moving away from the look and feel of a more classic Venetian plaster, we were able to create a more rustic, bespoke effect which had the kind of texture and movement befitting to the target audience.

"We created a concrete look which was quite raw in its design and took the store away from the highly polished effect you might expect in a traditional retail environment.”