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Farringdon Road, London

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City slickers

A crisp pitted Marmorin Hydro finish has been used to inspire a stunning reception area at a newly opened commercial office on Farringdon Road in the City of London.

This 1,000-square foot office space features Viero UK lime plaster in its entrance in a bid to create a fantastic and professional first impression.

The client wanted us to produce a surface design with great consistency with warmth and softness and is the result of almost three years of consultation with the specifying design practice.

Lofty challenge

Lofty challenge

The physical installation of this design was also a tall feat.

Working on wall surfaces greater than five metres high, the creative team needed a robust plan to tackle this complex space.

Our applicators ended up splitting themselves into three mini teams responsible for the top, middle and bottom areas.

Good communication was essential to ensure the end results reached the highest possible standard.

“We wanted a product with texture that would change under daylight to soften the harshness of the white walls in the space. The plasters are more akin to the qualities of natural materials than paint. We are pleased with the different qualities of the final finish which are beautifully highlighted under natural daylight.”