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Finish of the week... Textured wall finish Krakkle

We are all familiar with the term ‘crackle glaze’.

This has become a very popular effect used with paints and tiles to give an aged and worn look from day one of completing an interiors project.

Our Krakkle finish takes this typical process one step further to create a finish where the indentations created on a surface are deeper and more natural.

After applying an initial base coat, we allow the cracks to naturally form on the second coat and leave them exactly as they are. This means all of our Krakkle finishes have an air of individuality.

Suitable for…

This is not a finish you would expect to see used in a residential project.

Instead, this is best suited in restaurants, hotels or even bars. It can be used sparingly in small areas or is equally as effective across large, visible surfaces.

Brought to life…

We created sweet dreams with our Krakkle finish in a recent hotel project in Switzerland.

This plaster finish was used over three floors and in 68 rooms in the city of Schwägalp. The client said they hoped the finish would help to inspire a calm and relaxed night’s sleep.

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