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Finish of the week... Iridescent Lime Plaster

Viero UK offer limitless possibilities for creating new textures, patterns and finishes to meet any contemporary design criteria.

Our team of talented specifiers and applicators are always thinking of ways to create bespoke surface finishes designed specifically to realise our clients vision and artistic intent.

This iridescent lime finish was achieved with a combination of our Vixalit and Visocalche Extra Fine products.

The result is a beautiful, contemporary, natural lime based finish with superb durable qualities.

Suitable for…

Full of texture and strong colour, we believe this finish looks great across large internal and external surfaces.

We would recommend this in contemporary apartments and high-end hotels, restaurants or suites.

Brought to life…

We created this unique finish for a recent project completed at a luxury apartment in Hertfordshire.

Our client had strong ideas on the look they wanted to achieve and were delighted with the results. Jonathan said: “The finish has transformed my own living room into one of my favourite rooms, anywhere.”