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Finish of the week... Ghibli Textured Paint

Describing the main strength of our Ghibli product is no easy task – its versatility is almost endless.

This water-based, textured paint finish is one of the most popular products in our range. Its slight grain texture makes the projects it features in look effortlessly high quality.

And Ghibli is great if you’re working on a budget. It stretches just that little bit further, which can make all the difference.

Suitable for…

Ghibli is a surface finish perfect for interiors. The more, the better. It looks great across large areas.

It gives surfaces soft movements and refined textures which produce a natural rough effect.

Brought to life…

Ghibli has been the first-choice product for too many of our client’s residential projects to mention them all.

With a bit of imagination plus some classy furniture and accessories, you’ll have a finish which will give your design the edge.