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Experience Viero...

Experience before you buy – that’s our policy when it comes to training with Viero UK products.

Last week we held another of our popular open days at Kirklees College in West Yorkshire. This gives specialist plasterers and decorators the opportunity to come and experience a taster of Viero’s range of Italian surfaces finishes and apply them onto sample panels before deciding whether they want to sign up to our two-day introductory and advanced courses.

“There is really nothing to lose coming to an open day,” said college lecturer Kevin Byrne. “You get to see the product and give it a go for nothing before signing up for a course.”

On each of the courses, attendees are given an introduction to six of the specialist wall finishes and can create bigger sample boards ready to be used to showcase to prospective clients.

Satisfied customer

Adrian Martin has just completed the introductory class and is so keen for more he’s signed up to the advanced course. He said: “I have been working in the plastering industry for 16 years and felt it was time to learn some new products and to begin delivering some projects with better skill and finesse to take my business to a higher end market.

“What I love about the products is that they’ve all got their own appeal.

“My favourites were Ghibli and Silk. Ghibli is quite a strange application process but gives a great effect when it dries. Silk gives a really nice burnish finish.”

The courses are delivered by skilled lecturers from the college who are real advocates of the Viero UK brand and are helping to spread the word across the country.

Course leader Jonathan Inglesfield, who is also a trained plasterer, said: “The course really helps to give plasterers a specialist angle to their work.

“Plastering is often perceived as a dirty trade, but this course is all about high skill and can help people who attend to expand their company’s business offer.”