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Decorative Plaster Applicator - Gary Jarvis

Bristol-based Gary Jarvis has been our busiest approved applicator this month – using his creative skills to complete a number of bespoke designs for his clients.

His projects have included an office boardroom, a residential kitchen project and an additional residential design.

Using Viero UK products has helped Gary to give his clients the bespoke requirements they are demanding.

"Every client tells me they want something new and different," he explained.

"The Viero UK plasters are so easy to apply and give a finish with that something extra special instead of wallpapers and paint.

"I approach every project as though it is a one off piece of work - like a unique piece of art."

Gary's most recent project required him to come up with a design for an office boardroom. He used a combination of our Marmorin Hydro and Visocalce Extra Fine products to great effect.

He said: “Using two different products is an effective way to break up the room – and avoid it looking plain.

“I like to make my mark on projects and offer something that bit different each time.

"Because of the need to add different coats with the plasters, I can revisit a project each day and decide how I move it on to the next stage. I have been known to return to a job, apply in extra glazes, add metallic effects or use a trowel to define craters for additional texture. I think those options just help to set you apart from the crowd."

Check our some images below from Gary’s latest designs: