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Concrete Interior, Reading Retail Store

Delivering an effective surface design concept for the retail industry can often bring unique challenges. It is important to work to strict deadlines and usually to a precise budget.

This was exactly what we encountered when we were specified to work on the design of a new Brother2Brother clothing store in Reading town centre.

In order to meet the client’s vision and produce a concrete effect on the shop walls and in a store centrepiece, we used our decorative paint Ghibli to bring it to life.

Specification Manager David Wragg: “Our range of decorative paints are very effective because they take less time to dry than our plasters, but still give you lots of texture and movement.

“We usually find with retail projects that the time we get to install is a bit shorter than in other industries because there are lots of contractors to get in and out before the store can open for business.

“You get a lot of look for your money with the paints and can quickly cover large surface areas.”

Now Brother2Brother is open for business, customers can peruse their branded men’s clothing stock including items from Hugo Boss, Armani and True Religion. Store manager Graham said: “I think it looks great. Grey is a good colour for the interiors, but the textured effect created gives it a nice edge.”