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Perth Theatre

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Stunning stairway

Our classic Lithos product was specified as part of a project to create an impactful entrance to Perth Theatre in Scotland.

Lithos is renowned for its ability to create a dramatic finish. It is striking, powerful and bold in its delivery and can be easily worked by our artisans to reach the exact amount of shine required.

It exudes a contemporary look and if used sparingly can create great contrast to surrounding design elements.

Highly polished

Highly polished

Surface finishes with a high sheen remain a popular selection on projects where high impact is imperative.

The effect of a highly polished plaster can give a luxury feel and really ensures the design stands out from the crowd.

With the range of colours and the applicator’s capacity and inspiration, it is possible to attain a variety of designs and chromatic effects. The resulting coating, in addition to being highly attractive, is abrasion resistant and washable.

"It is a highly polished design with lots of movement and creates a grand feeling to the entrance of the theatre. The design is typical of what you would expect from a traditional Venetian look and I think this appeals in an industry where history and tradition are important."