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Bespoke is a proposal addressed to modern architecture and its varied spaces, where surfaces have the distinctive purpose of making an impact, of favoring encounters, of developing a narration. It offers solutions for unique and intimate spaces which spin tales of style, passions and habits, and transfuse in contemporary settings the multifarious beauty of different materials. Behind every Viero product there is a long history where constant research on quality and studies aimed at the endless improvement of its characteristics play an important role. Essential are also top-notch collaborations with the world of design and decor intended to expand its aesthetic and functional range in the course of time. That is how precious textures like Stone, Corduroy and Wood are born.

These are the three finishes created for Viero by the London design studio Polidori.Barbera and intended for rooms apt to set a trend, ranging from the very intimate ones in a resort to public areas for interaction and conversation. In an inspired book, images and words describe the Bespoke collection as an emotional journey dedicated to those who plan and interact with space.