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CATALOG - by Viero

The elegance of old-time art meets the spirit of modernity. The mood is lively and constantly changing, yet rooted into the standards of excellence of the Italian heritage.

The origin of the brand Viero is to be found in a need tightly tied to modernity, the need to provide those visionary individuals who design internal and external spaces with a cutting edge vision, allowing them to interpret and translate the past bearing well in mind two of its most important characteristics: an attention to quality and a high degree of expertis

The company brand is immediately recognizable through the loving care bestowed in every one of its product and the language they speak. Its approach is cosmopolite, unusual and imaginative. Although emotionally accessible to everyone, the feelings it evokes are in many ways different.

The inclusive aesthetics of the brand sensitively plays with the boundaries between painting and photography in images where textures, colors and finishes arouse intuitive connections with unknown and personal destinations: the meditative stillness of a painting by Morandi, a café filled with the aroma of coffee, the Gymnopédies by Satie on a clear summer morning. That’s where the fusion between inspiration and creativity takes place.

The style is passionate yet simple, delicate yet poetic. It gently penetrates all the communicative instruments used by the brand, emphasizing its characteristics. In comparison with the endless forms of modernity, all Viero products witness a rendition of reality which turns out to be sincere and cutting edge both inside and outside the laboratory. The aesthetic result always goes hand in hand with the efforts of high-quality research, aiming to develop more and more ecofriendly and functional solutions. Each collection finds inspiration in the same original vision: surfaces considered as architectural elements playing an important role in the balancing of a space. Each product is the arrival point of an emotional journey, made up of images and words