Visocalce Extra Fine


Visocalce Extra Fine is a decorative effect obtained through the combination of Viero products Visolcalce Extra Fine and Vixalit.

Mineral product ideal to achieve rough decorative surfaces. Transpiring, mildew resistant with inert grain max 0,75 mm.

Visocalce Extra Fine is obtained through the combination of Vixalit and Visolcalce Extra Fine. VIXALIT is a lime based paint suitable for internal and external surfaces such as concrete, lime based plaster or mortar. Particularly indicated to achieve decorative surfaces with ancient effects. It is highly used in old town to redecorate cultural heritage buildings respecting old traditions. VIXALIT is a highly stable product with great workability features. Vixalit mineral paint is vapour permeable as well as bacteria and mould resistant. It adheres well to the surface and is time-resistant. Vixalit brush paintings ensure those aesthetic and chromatic effects of traditional ancient lime painting.

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Visocalce Extra Fine
Visocalce Extra Fine