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Marmorin Sand


Lime based finishing plaster, spotted marble effect

VISOLCALCE MARMORIN SAND, lime based polished plaster with spotted marble effect, is a finishing paste suitable to realize translucent finishes with a base of lime putty, natural pigments, micronized marble, additives and adhesion promoters.

After the application, the product reacts with the carbon dioxide of the air originating carbonate of microcrystalline calcium, thus forming a compact, homogenous and transpiring structure. Fascinating finishes specifically indicated for historical buildings and walls enriched from cornices, friezes, and pilaster strips. Suitable for applications on homogeneous, absorbent and seasoned lime-based plaster finishing coat or cement lime mortar.

Due its natural composition, the final colour will appear shaded with Chiaroscuri in function to the absorption of plaster, the climate and the method of application.

Consumption Rate

2 - 2.5 kg/m² (in two coats)

Interiors / Exteriors

Interiors and Exteriors

Marmorin Sand
Marmorin Sand