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Marmorin Extra


Another of our lime-based plasters offering a traditional marmorino effect.

This product has the ability to be applied with a pitted effect with a more orthodox smooth polished appearance.

It has been designed to give you a natural rough finish. You can use different application techniques. It is possible to create a robust, matt, concrete finish for both internal and external environments.

It boasts incredible durability. Due to the natural composition of this plaster, the final colour will give you a beautiful shaded effect.


• Breathable

• Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces

• A natural and organic finish

• Fire resistant

• Mould and fungus resistant

• Available in matt or sheen

Consumption Rate

3 - 4 kg/m² (in two coats)

Interiors / Exteriors

Interiors and Exteriors

Marmorin Extra
Marmorin Extra